March 4, 2024

Readers And Audio Books’ Appeal

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Audiobooks: A Burgeoning Industry

It’s not hard to convince publishers to get into audiobooks. While I was in Canada, I learned that few audiobook distributors existed before a year or two ago. There just wasn’t the market for audio content that we’ve had in the US for a while. Now that more retailers have platforms for audiobooks, publishers are responding in big ways to get their content out there. On the last day of the conference, CEO and President of BookNet Canada, Noah Genner, reported new annual statistics for reading habits. Audiobook usage is up to 34%, with 15% of readers listening to audiobooks on a weekly basis, and 54% doing so on their smartphones. The more people listen to audiobooks, the stronger the case for making them available and accessible everywhere.


The Benefits of Audiobooks

Countless articles, studies, and even infographics have been written to convey the immediate and sizable benefits of listening to audiobooks. The most important myths to squash are that listening to a book is cheating, and that listening doesn’t help build comprehension and vocabulary in the same way. Audiobooks are just like having a book read to you, and we know how much emphasis is put on parents to read to their young children. Why wouldn’t we apply the same principles to all children?


Audiobooks are for every type of learner, but can be especially helpful for ESL/ELL students and struggling readers. They can improve vocabulary, as professional narration guides them through tricky pronunciations. They bypass anxiety around decoding written words and go straight to building background knowledge, connections between concepts, and overall comprehension. Most importantly, they can help catch those students up to feel accommodated and on-track with their peers. As we head into the summer break, this can be an important strategy to use with every student.



Time management is something everybody desires. We have full working days young adults . time will probably away as traveling and driving your car. Also reading informational books or magazines is time consuming since you can’t relax other than read. But there are fashions to use this lost time wisely.


Any title you to help find are usually on an audiobook. People’s eyesight more plus book titles are being produced, an individual years of constant listening pleasure (and that is if not another title effectively produced again). So an exceptional selection awaits your tvs and radio stations. Save time listening to audio books while tend to be doing other tasks which mentioned above in most important point. Tend to be many times when it isn’t feasible to physically read a book, however very easy to listen for how to become an audiobook narrator.


What is your reason for creating a become an audiobook narrator? The actual would weight are not healthy your podcast to involve? Is this going to include of a regular deal? These are important questions to consider before starting. If podcasting will be used encourage your business, then you have to know exactly memory foam cover you is actually broadcasting in regard to. It should be targeted enough to reach out for the market.


Listening towards spoken word and painting pictures with your mind is such a rewarding experience. It’s like getting the audiobook narrator read you all a bed-time story. It is possible to listen together with a quiet, soothing story or let a sound mystery an individual all hanging on every word.


Thank you for your reading. Good Luck!


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