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Reason of cracked tiles on your floors by Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt Ltd

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No one likes to live on a tile floor that has been damaged. Damaged tile floors are not only unattractive, but they can also depreciate the value of your property. You should contact a Grand Rapids tile flooring contractor as soon as possible if you notice damage to your tile flooring. The reasons why your flooring tiles break will be discussed in today. Wet2Dry


1) Something Heavy was Dropped


If the break is limited to a single location (or perhaps a single tile), it was most likely caused by a large object being dropped. Consider the last time you may have gotten yourself into a dangerous situation. Was it a piece of furniture, a plate, or a ceramic bowl that you brought in through the front door? Isn’t there an iron in the bathroom? Have you ever dropped a cast-iron pot while attempting to clean it? These objects may only appear to have a little dent at first, but if the region is subjected to consistent pressure, such as regular foot traffic, the damage can grow over time.

Keep in mind that particular rooms in your home may be more susceptible to cracked tile flooring as a result of a fall. Your kitchen tiling might crack if heavy pots and pans fall into it, or if the area have to many people moving in and out. If a crack is growing and spreading due to moisture, you may want to consider renovating your bathroom.


2) Inferior Tile


It’s natural to be concerned if the tile you bought is of poor quality if you’ve just invested in new tile flooring. Homeowners may rely on home improvement businesses and other retail lines to follow ANSI and ASTM testing guidelines. This implies that your tiles will be manufactured of high-quality materials. We recommend avoiding a brand if you see that it does not meet ANSI and ASTM requirements.

Poor-quality tiles will not last as long as certified tiles. Their material durability may appear to be adequate at first look, but it will chip and shatter sooner if used frequently. Check with your tile supplier to find out which option is ideal for your property. Inferior tiles avoid leakages which commonly happens in the bathroom with low-quality toilet waterproofing.

3) Heavy Stationary Loads


As experienced tile flooring contractors, we’re frequently questioned if heavy appliances might break tile. The ASTM C648 Breaking Strength criteria are met by the majority of residential tiles. The test ensures that your tile can withstand up to 250 pounds per square inch of pressure.

When you consider that a 22 cubic foot side-by-side refrigerator only exerts 75 pounds of pressure per square inch, this generates a lot of pressure. While tile flooring can crack when exposed to heavy weights, this is a rare occurrence.

4) Installed Over a Control Joint


When tiling cracks, the majority of homeowners feel it’s due to the tile itself. Any flooring repair professional, on the other hand, will inform you that the tile flooring you’re walking on is only one layer of a flooring sandwich.

Control joints ensure that the concrete under it splits in a predicted straight line since it is prone to cracking. As a result, your contractor should never lay tiles over an area that could fracture in the future.


5) Installed on Improperly Spaced Joists


The joists are the bottom layer of your flooring, and they’re in charge of supporting everything above it. Everything is included, including the subfloor, underlayment, tiles, people, furniture, and everything else. If the joists are spaced too widely apart, the tile flooring will be unable to sustain the weight. Which results the tiles to flex and break over time.


6) Cracks in Concrete Substrate


If you discover a break that runs across many tiles, it means the concrete beneath them has cracked. Ask your contractor to use a crack isolation membrane during tile flooring installation to prevent cracks from appearing in the first place. Also, cracks in concrete substrate cause leakages from the ceiling.


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