April 16, 2024

Tips to Learn Matrices for JEE Main

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In 2022, the JEE Main exam is supposed to be conducted in the long stretches of June and July. According to the declaration of the Ministry of Education, NTA won’t conduct the test in 2022. Another board, named the JEE Apex Board (JAB), has been framed. The JEE Apex Board will be helped by the JEE Interface Group, having 5 individuals. The new updates and executions with respect to the JEE test will be delivered by JAB soon. From now on, JAB will be liable for setting up the rules for the JEE Main assessment. The JEE exam is viewed as quite possibly the most difficult test in India. It needs thorough learning and hard work to crack this test. Remember that cracking the JEE test isn’t a cakewalk.

In mathematics, the matrix is a topic of great importance and application. We can call a matrix a rectangular arrangement of real or complex numbers in the form of m horizontal lines and n vertical lines. The horizontal lines are termed rows, and the vertical lines are termed columns. In this article, we will discuss the representation of matrices,  important formulas, etc.

Representation of a Matrix

We can represent a matrix by K = [kij] mxn. Here k11, k12, ….. etc., are known as the elements of matrix K. Here, kij ∈ ith row and jth column and is called the (i, j)th element of the matrix K = [kij]. Matrix has a wide range of applications in geometry. It is used in solving equations, solving ac network equations, seismic surveys etc.

Important equations

Suppose X and Y represent two square matrix of the order n, and In is the unit matrix.

(a) X.(adj X) = |X| In

(b) (XT)T = X

(c) adj (In) = In

(d) adj (XY) = adj Y.adj X

How to learn matrix

Students can find previous years’ question papers and solutions to the matrix online. They are advised to solve all these sample papers and get familiar with the type of questions asked from the matrix. Mock tests are another method for JEE preparation. It will help them to enhance their knowledge and confidence. Attempting these tests will assist candidates with working on their speed of tackling problems. It will likewise assist them with sorting out their weaker areas and give more emphasis on those points.

Algebraic expressions and equations

Algebraic expressions are very important for the JEE exams. This is an easy topic from which students can score full marks. Students are advised to learn the Algebraic expressions and equations problems thoroughly so that they can easily crack all the questions asked on this topic. Solution of linear equations, nature of roots of algebraic equations, etc., are the type of questions expected from this topic.

Study materials for the JEE Main exam are accessible online on various sites. Candidates are encouraged to go through revision notes, important equation pdfs, question paper discussion recordings and so forth. Visit BYJU’S to get additional information about algebraic expressions so that students can enhance their knowledge.

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