April 15, 2024

Canadian News Corporation The Daily Scrum News, Using Digital AI Humans To Keep Journalists Safe

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Throughout centuries, people have relied on the word of those entrusted to deliver the news as it was the only way of communicating. However, with the rise of the far-right and fake news, journalists are paying the ultimate price to inform the public their life.

In Canada, a news organization has taken a significant step toward the future of making it safe for journalists to do their work through the use of Digital Synthethic AI Humans. With this type of technology, the news organization can deliver daily news and eliminate the need to put journalists in the fire line.

“No news is worth the life of any journalists. Unfortunately, too many news organizations use their platforms and news anchors masquerading as journalists to sell lies and contribute to the harm of real journalists by radicalizing their views,” Said CEO Donovan Ralph Martin.

Recently, world-renowned Palestinian American Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh was shot in the head and killed by an alleged bullet fired by an Israeli soldier while covering the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

The deadly assault on journalists globally is at an astronomically high. Since 2022, there have been over 20 journalists killed globally and more than 11 alone in Mexico.

Martin believes the future of journalism is through digital humans, and

he takes pride in that their news anchors are the most realistic digital humans in the industry. While numerous media sources don’t see the requirement for a more secure approach to safeguarding their columnists, The Daily Scrum News embraces what’s in store.

“I never want to call a family member of one of our journalists to tell them they have died on duty. And I never will.” Said, Martin

He further added, the preservation of life should always supersede any story. We live in a society that will always have stories to be told, good and bad. There will always be elections, uprisings, and tragedies. And if they are not covered, which means every journalist gets to make it home to their loved ones, it is a choice they will make 100% of the time.

Martin suggests that all journalists have their own digital clone to prolong their careers in the future. He hopes that all journalists working for The Daily Scrum News will embrace the notion of having a digital counterpart.

Until that happens, it is up to the journalist to put their family first and decide if any story is worth covering if it means it can be their last.

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