April 20, 2024


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Position Tracker 

Position Tracking is one of the most powerful SEMrush capabilities for improving your search rankings. This will allow you to keep track of your rankings for any term, locate local competitors, and tag your phrases. An extra suite of tools on the site, such as Link Building and SEO Content Templates, can assist you boost the positioning of those pages.


Position Tracking Pages 

The position tracking tool’s ‘pages’ feature is a terrific way to track and enhance your search ranks. It gives an analysis of each page, including what it presently ranks for and whether or not it has changed positions. This data can help you figure out which pages need to be updated, refreshed, or padded out with extra information in order to improve their rankings.


On-Page SEO Checker 

The position tracker is a useful tool for tracking ranking changes, but I’ve found that the On-Page SEO Checker provides the most useful information. This tool’s recommendations have been invaluable in not just helping us improve the organic position of some of our best-performing pages, but also in helping us develop our strategy.


Organic Traffic Insights

Finding quick-win possibilities is a breeze with the Organic Traffic Insights tool. You can identify low-hanging fruit outside of your primary keyword emphasis areas that are already providing tiny quantities of traffic but, with a little concentration, might substantially enhance the total search ranks of a website with less resource than the traditional high-competition keywords.


Visibility Report

The SEMrush visibility index is a measure of the domain’s penetration in Google’s top 100 ranks for the tracking campaign’s keywords. A line graph depicts this pattern effectively, and you may add competition to see how you’re performing in actual terms.


Keyword Overview 

This keyword tracking tool is particularly useful for tracking a specific keyword to observe how it performs on different websites. My most powerful tool for improving search rankings is the Keyword Overview tool. This tool provides me with immediate information on the competition for specific keywords.


Rank Tracker 

In order to assess organic performance of our head key phrases, we use SEMrush rank tracker tools. We created keyword sets for each of our verticals in SEMrush, which allows us to rapidly analyze our ranking dispersion and compare our performance to our nearest competitors. As a result, we are able to increase our search rankings.


Content Optimization 

You may conduct competition analysis with SEMrush content optimization feature. Before you publish, utilize SEMrush to locate a keyword with low competition that you might be able to rank for. To see your keyword rankings, scroll down. Keep an eye on them. If you notice that your SERP ranks are slipping, conduct a competitive study with SEMrush.

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