March 2, 2024

Best Outdoor Activities for Toddlers Amidst The Pandemic

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There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down. People have experienced the most unexpected changes in their lives since the coronavirus pandemic has made it to our lives. It has shut the doors for the outside world, and we are nothing but helpless about going outdoors.


The trap has had some of the worst impacts on us. Most importantly, the way it has affected toddler activities is even more upsetting. Children are enslaved inside their homes and they have nothing much to do but to use the word jumble solver, playing other indoor activities all day long. Children’s social engagement has also been drastically affected. Toddlers have even forgotten the idea of making friends since outdoor activities have been restrained. 


This article emphasizes how to bring back your toddler’s energy and have them engage in outdoor activities. Your child’s health mustn’t be affected because of the ongoing pandemic. Let us get these outdoor activities to help you fight the negative thoughts that this pandemic brings.

Outdoor Activities that you can still consider amidst the pandemic

Home lawns can work best for some fun outdoor activities with your toddler. Although you should make sure that only people living in your home are a part of this activity. Avoid inviting friends over at all costs. Inviting friends over amidst the pandemic would be the worst idea ever. 


Grab a chair or two and sit down outside on your lawn. Let your toddler explore the outside world on their own for a while. If they seek a little bit of your attention, plan something out that you both can enjoy.

Plan a pool party?

If you can’t go to a pool party, you can at least bring the pool party to your place. There are 25 best pool games for kids to maximize outdoor fun. You can set the swimming pool at a desirable spot on your lawn and bring in some snacks for fun. What is a better pool party than spending family time together? Grab a bunch of water toys and spend some quality time with your baby, reassuring your love for them!

We know that the pandemic has been hard on all of us, but it shouldn’t stop us from having fun!


An in-home picnic? 

Read storybooks to your toddler outdoors!


Grab your picnic cloth, some quick meals, refreshing drinks, and some books for outdoor activities that you can read to your toddler. It has been difficult recently to plan grand picnics with your family and friends, but you can always seek a small budget picnic with just your family. Let the air be filled with love and happiness. This is an amazing way to bond with your little one more. Reading the books and spending time will surely make this at-home picnic a new tradition to be followed even more.


Play Hide and Seek or Ball games 

Games like hide and seek or classic ball games for kids never get old. Play around the house, hide indoors, and let your baby activate their detective set of skills to find you. Encourage them to seek closed places to hide. Make the activity interesting by dropping some hints for them to find their way. Some candies, maybe?   

Considering playing these games can develop a better sense of bonding between you and your child.


Learn Gardening Together!

Another fun outdoor activity to consider for your child would be letting them truly explore the greenery that we are surrounded by. Gardening is a great activity to introduce to your little one. Educating them about the importance of plants and giving them fundamental knowledge about how to plant trees is going to be fun and super productive. Telling them about different plants and their specifications will help them in their science class as well. 

Besides, nature is the best thing a child can learn about from a very early age.


Backyard Camping

Outdoor activities can be more interesting if you plan something out of the ordinary. Covid-19 has messed with our casual road trips and camping as well. Do we let it mess with our plans more? No! We have 7 backyard camping ideas for kids that we will practice to incorporate camping at home. 

We would not even mind sleeping in the camp at night to make it feel campier!

Exercising Together in the Lawn – Yes!

Working out together can build up the best relationship with your toddler. Nerve to forget how important adding working out to your daily routines is. Children must be exposed to the importance of working out at a very early age, so they develop it as a habit from the very start. 

Outdoor workouts give one the best sense of their presence. Knowing how to do yoga with your kids and emphasizing its importance from the very start will reap a lot of health benefits.


Make Art 

Just practicing art outdoors gives so many happy feelings. The outdoors supports imagination and helps one be more creative and thoughtful. Grab your canvas and paints and explore the outside world with an artistic approach. Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing your baby drawing their heart out.


Guide them, help them draw their favorite cartoons or flowers or skies of different colors. It could turn out as one of the cognitive development exercises as well. Help them observe and absorb the whole atmosphere around them. 


Lay down and let them explore their thoughts out loud

Let the imagination and calmness take over the moment


Layby your child’s side and feel the moment of peace take over both of you!


Sometimes, it is best to embrace the moment that one is in. try to have a conversation about life in general with your child. Sitting in nature always brings out the best sense of calmness and gratitude in a person. 

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