April 19, 2024

How to Take Care of Your Lawn

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How to Take Care of Your Lawn

Year-round lawn care is crucial to ensuring that your garden stays green and healthy. A lawn is a great asset to your property and can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and appearance of your home and garden – when cared for properly!

Once you have established your garden’s lawn, maintaining it, keeping it healthy and pest free, and ensuring that it is as lush as when you first planted it, is no simple feat.  Keep your grass green and growing with our helpful lawn care guide below. 

Lawn Care for All Seasons

Like any other plant, your lawn requires care all year round. Although the requirements will change depending on the season – watering, pest control, weeding – there are some care routines you can follow regularly to ensure your lawn is as healthy as it can be. Properly caring for your lawn requires ongoing work and maintenance, so it’s important to be aware of the basics to keep your lawn thriving. 

How Often You Should Mow Your Lawn

One of the most important elements of proper lawn care is how often you should mow your lawn. Regular mowing can help keep your grass healthy, as well as improve the overall appearance of your lawn. Diligence is key, so you may want to hire lawn experts like Surf N Turf Mowing to maintain a lawn mowing schedule. 

The frequency at which you should mow your lawn will depend on seasonal changes, but the general rule of thumb is once a week – or once every two weeks. To avoid over-cutting, practice the 1/3 rule: mow your lawn gradually and never remove more than a third of the length at a time. 

During the winter months, you may mow your lawn even less frequently, or avoid mowing altogether, depending on the weather conditions in your area. If you have not mowed your lawn in some time and the length of your grass is far longer than you’d like it, try to avoid cutting it too short – stick to the 1/3 rule and gradually mow your lawn down to a healthy and appropriate length. 

Feed Your Grass!

A lawn comprises grass, and grass – like any plant – requires nutrients in order to grow and be healthy. Nitrogen is especially good for grass and soil and can help keep your lawn lush, vibrant, and green. Ensuring your lawn has the right nutrients will prevent it from withering, as well as make maintenance simpler. 

The amount of nitrogen your lawn requires will depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Type of soil being used
  • Square footage of your lawn
  • Other organic matter within the soil (usually found through a soil test)

Get Rid of Weeds 

Even a freshly planted lawn will start to develop weeds in amongst the grass. Once they start sharing the same soil, these weeds will compete with your lawn for water, light, and nutrients, and can choke life out of your lawn quickly. Where one weed pops up, others are sure to follow!

Treating weeds should be done with caution and care. Many weed treatments available commercially can negatively impact the health and growth of your grass. For stubborn or recurring weed problems, it’s best to consult with garden experts to avoid damaging your lawn or inhibiting its growth.

Let the Experts Care for Your Lawn

Caring for a lawn is time consuming and a considerable amount of work. Even avid gardeners can find lawn care requirements taxing, if not frustrating, when faces with problems like slow or spotty growth, pests, or weeds. To provide your lawn with the care it deserves, it’s best to invest in a garden care company like Surf N Turf.

With years of experience in mowing and maintaining lawns and gardens across the Sunshine Coast, Surf N Turf Mowing are the garden experts you can rely on to properly care for your lawn. Their knowledge of lawns and gardens will make maintaining yours that much simpler. Contact them today for an obligation-free quote!

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