April 18, 2024

Marrakech city break tips

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Experience the sounds, sights, flavours and energy of the world’s most dynamic cities.

Visit Morocco most famous place and discover all the Marrakech has to offer. Take a simple stroll via the old fortified city and lose yourself for hours in Dejemma el-Fna, Morocco biggest open-air market, before popping into the new town for drinks, dinner and late night dancing.

Take in the exotic smells as you barter in the souks, wander the streets admiring the charming architecture, or experience the luxury of a world class spa treatment. Whatever your flavors, there is lots of things to do in Marrakech on Marrakech tour package.

Wonderful buildings

As you wander the streets soaking in the environment, be sure to visit some of the wonderful historical buildings. Take the Bahia Palace and experience the generous luxury of the lateĀ  nineteen century marvel. Or admire the Koutoubia Mosque, with its sweet sandstone spire – it is an amazing sight when lit, so we advise you visit at night for the top experience.

Discover Marrakech

The museum of Marrakech is a best place to learn more about this amazing city. Housed in what used to be the Dar Menebhi Palace and featuring fine art displays alongside historic collections of pottery and coins, everything about it is a sight to be seen. Your city break-to-do list should be add the Tiskiwine Museum, with its big collection of jewellery and textile works from all across Africa.

Seek out the souks

Bargain hunters will like searching the souks as bartering is part of Moroccan culture. Djemaa el-Fna is the key souk in the medina, but you will find an abundance of little onesĀ  dotted around the city, so you are sure to find something close your Marrakech hotel.

Whether you are looking for domestic spices or pair of new shoes, you will find remarkable range of items on offer. So dive in and prepare for a shopping experience unlike any other.

Exotic dishes

If you are looking for fresh culinary experiences, Marrakech does not let down. As you pursue the food stalls at Djemma el-Fna, a taste of the locals, you will find tongues, snails, or even lambs head on offer. Do not hesitate if you favor less adventurous fare though.

With the amazing range of food, there is sure to be something that attracts to you. If you are looking for a sit down meal, Gastro MK provides an afternoon tea or complete course meal, depending on what you visit.

Discover more things to do in Morocco and book cheap Morocco tour packages.

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